Freddie The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Meet Freddie. Freddie is a fiddle leaf fig or a Ficus Lyrata as he his also known.

Freddie likes Medium light in a sunny room but not too close to the window and a light watering, more so in the summer than than the winter. 

He also like a gentle mist every now and then on his leaves as thats where he take in moisture.

He may drop a couple of leaves in winter, but dont stress, they'll soon be back in the summer and you'll be a proud plant mumma. 

He is available with or without a pot (Pot design may vary) and delivery is available to any RG Postcode while stocks last 

He stands at around 60 cm and will get taller and is currently in an 18cm nursery pot 

(Please note this item is only available in our local delivery area. See our delivery page for more information).

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Freddie The Fiddle Leaf Fig

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