The meaning of Valentine's day Flowers

Every Valentine’s Day, when thinking of flower gifts, we think of Roses, whether it is only one, or the biggest bouquet. However, how about if people are in the first stages of dating or are very good friends? In  this case is when most people often question the meaning of each colour of roses to perhaps avoid giving a message.

Here are Georgie’s The Florist interpretation of the colour of the most popular flowers chosen by our customers for Valentine’s day:


Roses Red Roses in Reading by Georgies the Florist

Roses are THE flower of choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day because they are traditionally associated with Romance. However, each colour or Rose has a different meaning:

Red Roses: It’s commonly known that the red rose signifies true love, passion, and deep emotion, making them the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. In addition, the number of roses you give also have different meanings too! A single red rose signifies love at first sight, making it a great choice for a first date, but it can also be given later on in a relationship to say “I still love you.” Six red roses symbolise infatuation, while a dozen of them simply say “Be mine!” For even grander gestures, a bouquet of twenty four roses instantly says “I’m yours!” while one hundred red roses signifies your eternal devotion.  

White Roses: White roses have connotations with purity, innocence and new beginnings, making them a popular choice for bridal flowers. The crisp white petals are perfect for bringing a touch of elegance to any Valentine’s Day bouquet and can be a wonderful choice if you’re celebrating your first Valentines as a married couple!

Yellow Roses: Surprisingly, yellow roses aren’t traditionally associated with romance. Instead, these bright and sunny blooms are known to symbolise friendship and their close associations to the sun make them perfect for putting a smile on someone’s face. So, if you have a single friend that’s usually a little down in the dumps this time of year, a delightful bouquet of yellow roses could be just the thing!


Pink Roses: Wonderfully flirty and feminine, pink roses are known to symbolise elegance and grace and are a lovely way to say “thank you”. Also associated with sweetness, pink roses will make the perfect bouquet for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.



A delightful and affordable option for anyone on a budget this Valentine’s Day, carnations are known to express love and fascination, making them an excellent option for new relationships that are only just blossoming. As with roses, different colours of carnations also convey different meanings too.

White Carnations: Signifying pure love, white carnations can make a wonderful addition to your Valentine's flowers, or can even be given in an arrangement on their own if you’re on a tight budget.

Pink Carnations: Pink carnations actually have one of the most significant meanings, in that they were believed to be first found on Earth from the tears of the Virgin Mary. Because of this, they’re known to represent a mother’s undying love. Why not show your Mum some love this Valentine’s Day with these cheery blooms?

Red Carnations: And of course, the traditional Valentine's colour, red carnations are not only a symbol of love and affection, but also admiration too. An excellent alternative to the traditional red roses, red carnations are a fabulous way of showing your love for someone.



Coming in a glorious array of bright and striking colours, tulips are indeed a much loved flower, bringing with them fond memories of springtime. A wonderfully versatile and affordable bloom, tulips are a great choice for all occasions. Red tulips of course are said to signify true love, while purple is known to symbolise royalty, and yellow is known to represent cheerfulness. Believe it or not, the black centre of the tulip is also seen to represent a lover’s heart, which has been darkened by intense passion - that’s got to make them a contender for Valentine's flowers, right?


Whatever your flower of choice this Valentine’s Day, and whoever the lucky recipient is, we have a glorious range of Valentine's flowers for you to choose from at Clare Florist. Simply choose your bouquet, place your order and we’ll do the rest!

Blog Post by Maria at The White Florist Supplies UK

The meaning of Valentine's day Flowers